Thursday, May 21, 2009


Wow so it finally happened! A Friday night that I was home turned into a very interesting evening. I got my fist Etsy order from my store. Not only was it a sale but it turned into a wholesale order! Yet another first for me. Someone bought 13 of my winged necklaces and chose the sayings in them. Here are a few pictures I took before they took flight and left studio. The roses were from my son, bought with his own money for Mother's Day! So this encourages me to keep going!

ART CRAWL Revisited

Thanks to Mary Jo, jewelry maker extraordinaire, we have some pictures from the Art Crawl to share. The weather was warm but really,really, windy! So here are pictures of Mary Jo Moeller, Angela Brooks, the potter. My son, Hunter Clark selling his pins, and last but not least his mom selling her jewelry.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


This weekend is The Antioch Fine Arts Foundation Studio Tour! May 16 & 17 11-4:30 pm. This is a FREE event. Pick up your maps at The Antioch Fine Arts Foundation and spend the day touring local artist's studios. See their spaces, and art work, even purchase some too!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Baby Squirrel

Spring is here and we had a small visitor today! My son, Hunter found a baby squirrel outside our front door! He had no fear of us humans and was so cute jumping on our feet to keep warm. He was so trusting he would let us pet him and even followed Hunter from the front yard to the back yard. The baby squirrel is going to be released into the local forest preserve so he can have a happy car free life! But how adorable is he???

Friday, May 1, 2009


The Antioch school system is hosting an Art Crawl. It will be held tomorrow May 2nd from 10-5pm. So far the weather looks fabulous and most of us will be outdoors. Our gallery is having artists through out the town of Antioch displaying, selling, and demonstrating their craft. There will be many activities going on through out the day. This is a family friendly event. Don't forget to visit the gallery that day. There will be more artists displaying as well as a kids art project to make and take home for a small materials fee. The gallery is located kitty corner from the Dairy Queen on 83.
I will be my selling my wares as usual, and I am choosing to sell jewelry this time. I am also going to be with my friend Mary Jo Moeller, and she too will be selling jewelry. This is her first time out and I know she is really excited to show off her beautiful jewelry.
We have 17 artists that will be out and about tomorrow doing all kinda of things, jewelry, painting, and I am not sure what else but plenty too look at and see. So lets hope for a great day and a big turn out to support the arts!


Wow! I went to my first mini reunion last weekend in Burlington, Wisconsin. A group of us on facebook got together and had dinner. I hadn't seen any of these people in 29 years! Yikes! Perhaps I am a social misfit? Just thought I would post a picture of my friends and I. I would be the lady in red!

Monday, April 27, 2009


So pretty, sparkly, and imaginative!

I've Lost My Marbles

Yes it's true I have lost my marbles but I do know where I put them this time! These are actually fried(cracked) marbles! They are super fun to make, very dramatic! You need to start out with transparent marbles. I got mine at great company called, Good prices and a big selection with super fast shipping!

This is basically a heat and cool process. The marbles go into the oven and bake, then are dumped into ice water. My friend Diane, (one of my best friends) wanted to help me. So here she is laying the marbles out to dry. The cracks appear after the marbles dry. The last picture shows Diane holding the final product, one of my wire sculpted fried marble pendants!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Ok so I am very new at this let me try to get my links in here. for my store! for the gallery!

I've Arrived!

Wow! I have finally arrived! Welcome to my blog! I hope to update my blog weekly. I just opened an Etsy store and am so excited to be up and running. I have a mini post of some of my items. My goal is to try and get put 2 new items a day up. If that's possible! I have been selling my wares for years at craft shows, and decided I would like to make a debut in online sales.

I just wanted to say special thanks to one my best friends, Peggy, aka Pegalicious! Without the use of her fabulous camera this all wouldn't be possible. Thank YOU Peggy!

Just a little bit about myself, I am a self taught multi media artist. I enjoy everything from traditional oil painting to fractal art, jewelry making, and anything that seems to appeal to me! There is so much to do and so little time to do it! I am currently the President of The Antioch Fine Arts Foundation in Antioch Illinois. Please visit our site there at Don't forget sign our guest book and let us know you were there.

I will be in the newspaper very soon through the poineer press . Our Art Gallery is working with the Antioch School system to promote the arts. On May 2nd they will be having an Art Crawl. This is a great opportunity to see local artits in action as they demonstrate their craft. The whole town will be filled with artists and students doing their thing to promote the arts. Not just art work. I have chosen to show my jewelry and will be demonstrating wire wrapped jewelry, my newest passion. Also with me that day will be my friend Mary Jo Moeller. She will also be having some of her jewelry to sell. This will be her first time out! I am so excited for her, it is always great to see someone excell at what they love to do best!

Also what's new for me this week is I am going to be doing a speech for The College Of Lake County, for a Women In The Arts class. I have prepared a powerpoint presentation on my family's art history going back to the late 1800's. My mom actually has art work from our relatives that dates back that far! I also have many slides of my mother's brilliant art work. where I have always gotten my inspiration. Also, and those of you who know me, it's all about Lisa. I have many slides on my art work, paintings, fractal art, my vintage series, altered books, cigar box, purses, and my current works. I am posting a picture of one of my fractal art pictures called Galaxy.

So it's a busy week for me and I am thrilled I got the ball rolling! Please visit my etsy store at I'd love it if you would subcribe to my blog!! Thanks a million! Lisa

Check out what's new in my store this week!